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Municipal Winemakers spent our formative years traveling and working all around the world. This nomadic approach can be tasted in our wines. They are all influenced by the personality and elegance of the old-world, together with the freshness and vibrancy of modern styles.
Our approach is simple: Source grapes from special vineyards and draw on our experiences in Australia, California, and France to make interesting wines of the highest quality. We do this with love – carefully and slowly, using traditional techniques.

Our winemaking is about:

  • making small-lot, handmade, highest quality wines;
  • authenticity, creativity, and independence;
  • being a contributing, lightly-treading, member of the community and creating a community of people who dig what we are up to

Municipal wines are about freshness, elegance, and balance. We are interested in making wines that are interesting. We are trying to make wines that are not ‘statement wines’ that scream for attention during a blind tasting of 100 wines, rather, we hope to be the first empty bottle on the table. We want to make a refreshing wine that is a pleasure to drink.