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Dave Potter
August 6, 2008 | Dave Potter


a href=""> Sorry for the recent silence. I have been a busy boy in July, between vacation in mexico (waves were really good!) and my trip to Riesling Rendezvous (post to follow) I was gone for a lot of the month. Anyway, It's August now, and we have a couple of exciting events lined up. First, on Friday night of this week, I will be hanging with the Young Winos of LA talking shop and tasting current releases as well as barrel samples of Bright Red and Dark Red. According to their website, the Young Winos:
" a gathering of Angelenos, ostensibly aged 25-and-under, who meet once a week to drink and discuss wine... While the Young Winos are experts at consuming alcohol to excess, we reject the wanton indifference often endemic of yesterday’s twenty-something wine consumer. Meanwhile, we simultaneously reject the exclusionary attitudes espoused by some of the more closed-minded veterans of the wine world. We’re drunks, but we’re not philistines; we’re enthusiasts, but we’re not elitists. We’re discriminating, but we’re not prejudiced.."
Should be a fun night and check their website soon for tasting notes, etc.


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