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Dave Potter
June 1, 2008 | Dave Potter

Municipal Dirt

Google Maps/Earth is quite possibly one of the coolest things ever to come around. I appreciate that I am little dorky, but I have created a little map that shows you where we live, where our grapes come from and the wines that are made from specific blocks at each vineyard. We take pride in sourcing fruit from some of the greatest vineyards in the area. Check out our interactive maps by following the ‘show me where‘ links on our Vineyard page. Make sure you turn on ’Satellite View’ for the greatest effect (you can see vines), then cruise around the valley, zoom in, zoom out, and visit all the blocks that we source our fruit from. We have info like clones and rootstocks available for those who might be interested. All you have to do is click on the shaded areas. Enjoy! Go to our Vineyard page and click on ‘show me where’ I have never seen another winery do this, so we may be the first?! I would love to hear what you think. Should we do more stuff like this? Leave comments on the vineyard page... PLEASE??!!!


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