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Dave Potter
May 14, 2007 | Dave Potter

a thousand words (it's what a picture is worth)

snapshot-2007-05-17-20-26-10.jpgIt used to be that all you had to do was make good wine, and then people would buy it because, hey, it's good.That doesn't really work anymore. Branding is important - some would say even more important than wine quality in these days of too many wine brands. Municipal Winery is not really looking to be the slickest marketing vehicle in the world, because our customers know how to read through that stuff and avoid companies that don't speak to them like people would. This brings us back to our positioning on quality, authenticity, experience and community (have a look at our marketing plan for a detailed explanation).In the quest to visually communicate those values, the graphic design guys at Artopsy have been enlisted to draw up the logo. The first round of attempts can be found here.First round of draftsAfter some time off, we essentially decided to start again at this point, and they sent along this Moodboard.After those refinements, we are now on to this second round of developments. Next round of ideasI am curious to hear what you think...


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