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Dave Potter
May 17, 2007 | Dave Potter

the next stage

municipal-bottle.jpgWell, to me it feels like we are getting closer to something really cool. I am really digging the juxtaposition between the city and the winery - isn't wine made in the country, in an ostentatious chateau with marble floors and a fountain? 138-3841_img.JPGThe windows design is working toward communicating the idea of Municipal being a member of the community, and our unique location/ 'terroir'. That juxtaposition is definitely a big part of what Municipal Winery is about.I understand that being 'urban' is a big point of difference for us, however, I am reluctant to have this theme as the aesthetic and communication of what the winery is about. It is where we are, and part of who we are, but not really all of who we are, and I am afraid it is missing the other aspects of slowness and hand-craftsmanship.
Check out the whole book of sketches here.hand-project.jpgHere is another collection from the other designer of the artopsy team. A different direction - leaning more towards something clean and simple. I like the hand element that he has worked in. There is some cool stuff here as well. Check out his book of sketches here.Again, very interested to hear some feedback... Perhaps some artistic direction. Any ideas of images to capture the ideas of slowness, authenticity, quality, experience, and hand craftsmanship???mw-clean.jpg


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