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Dave Potter
June 14, 2007 | Dave Potter

waste not

dumpsterfeastsm.jpgDumpster Feast was created by Melbourne artist Gabrielle de Vietri after she witnessed "the quantity of edible food discarded by food retailers every day, whether for financial reasons, concern about public liability or due to ignorance or apathy", Gabrielle collected the food over the course of just one day from only four different dumpsters. It was then prepared ready to eat, and displayed at the Victorian Centre for the Arts' Sculpture installation room. Invitations were sent out to participate in the launch of the "feast" but when guests arrived they were denied the pleasure of eating the food. Instead, it stayed in the installation room for a full week, developing a soft fur of mold and an acrid stench. While this may seem contradictory to the project, it was imperative that the food be left to spoil to emphasize the disgrace of such waste on a comparatively minute scale. Apparently, "the artist and her housemates, colleagues and family continue to eat heartily from bins."I just thought that was kinda cool.


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