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Dave Potter
December 23, 2007 | Dave Potter

Why you should love Riesling

There are lots of different white wines that come from different grapes, climates, soils, and winemaking techniques.  Riesling is the epitome of the most aromatic, least full-bodied, most transparent and brilliant in flavor.  It is the opposite of Chardonnay, who stands at the other end of the spectrum epitomizing dense, full-bodied, multi-faceted wines that derive much of their personality and individuality from the way they are made and aged - and above all, from the oak of their barrels.Of all the 'aromatic' grapes, Riesling stands out as the classic.  The funny thing is how its popularity is how its hold on the heart's and minds of the world's wine drinkers is shakey at best and is infinitely weaker than it was 100 or even 50 years ago. Part of Riesling's popularity comes the fact that it achieves intense flavor ripeness at as little as 10% alcohol, and on some occasions as little as 7%. 


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