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Dave Potter
November 5, 2008 | Dave Potter

Harvest 2008 Run Down

Here's a quick run-down on the '08 Municipal Harvest:     1.  Bright White Riesling came from a different vineyard this year due to crop loss from frost.  We made a slight mod on the style, leaving a *tiny* touch of residual sugar in the wine, just to give it a little more body and balance.  Still showing great mineral limey floral flavors.  Another stunner.     2.  Sweetie is a new sweet white wine that we are producing this year.  It is made from Riesling and has a splash of Muscat in it for a floral lift.  For those of us who love a good sweet wine, there will be a tiny bit of this available.  Bottling in January/February and available in March.     3.  Pale Pink is really pale!  It is very light orangey-pinky-salmon in color, yet bright and fresh in flavor with some cool smoke and cinnamon notes complementing the strawberries and cherries.  Just as crisp and refreshing as the '07 Pale Pink.     4.  Bright Red is awesome this year.  The Cinsaut is ripe and actually quite dark, while the Grenache was sourced from 3 different vineyards in this oh-so-hard to find Grenache year.  The Syrah from Camp Four Vineyard is dark and juicy, which will bring purpley fleshy weight to the final blend.     5.  Dark Red in 2008 will have a higher proportion of Cabernet from our secret (Star Lane Vineyard) fruit source than it did in 2007.  The Cab already has a very intense perfume of mulberries and mint, while the Syrah from Tierra Alta is showing some cool meaty characters early on.  Very exciting stuff... Happy to answer any questions you might have.  Comment away!


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