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Dave Potter
November 14, 2008 | Dave Potter

Young Winos Review Bright Red

Not too long ago, I visited with the Young Winos of LA and brought down some barrel samples of my wines for a tasting.  They had some nice things to say then, so I decieded to send some sample bottles of the finished product down.  They did another nice little write-up, which can be found here. A sample:
..."The “Bright Red” defied its moniker by bearing a dark pigmentation in the glass — “almost opaque,” said Andrew. The nose beckoned us in with some early hints of smoke and charcoal. Jessica got raspberry, and plum notes were observed by several present. I picked up some vague baking spice scents; Myla claimed it was Allspice, and I thought it best not to argue. “Squid ink” became the next point of general consensus, and Jessica followed that up with “brown sugar ham.” Digging a little deeper, I picked up some serious oregano notes, which prompted surprised agreement from several present. Finally, I picked up some blueberry action, but Jessica thought it skewed closer towards “blueberry syrup.” (Again, I chose to bide my time and not make a scene.)..."
Thanks again winos for the review!


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