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Dave Potter
March 27, 2009 | Dave Potter

Spring Release Party... The Latest

Ok, so here is the deal... This date is set.  Next weekend, the Muni will have it's first Spring Release Party.  It is going to be held in an awesome warehouse/art studio in the 'Funk Zone' of Santa Barbara.  There are going to be plenty of fun and interesting people, music, some crazy-tasty nibbles and hot-off-the-press new release wines.   Here is what I am talking about: 2008 Bright White - Rice Paper Wrapped Prawns with Fresh Mint and Lillikoi Sauce 2008 Pale Pink - Corn Fritters With Cured Salmon and Crème Fraiche 2007 Bright Red - Kalamata, Moroccan, and Roman Baked Olives With Italian Cured Meats  2007 Dark Red - Thyme Marinated Mushrooms with Cipollini, and Peppercorn Dusted Crostini 2008 Sweetie - Blue Stilton with Popovers, Grilled Apples, and Candied Pecans Email me or RSVP on facebook if you are coming.  Wear a sweater, cuz it might be chilly.


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