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Dave Potter
April 23, 2009 | Dave Potter

The Future... Is Now

If you are thirsty for wine and looking for an exceptional night out, you should come on down the SB courthouse this Saturday.  Elements, the resto, is putting on their second annual futures event.  The tix are $75, but that includes delish dinner and access to wine bargains from tiny producers (like the Muni).  Here is what the SB Independent has to say:

Attendees enter through the County Courthouse’s archway and then are set loose on the entire first floor, where wineries line the walls and a full dinner buffet is served. “It’s a beautiful location inside the Courthouse,” said Winchester. “For a reception, you can’t beat it. There will be 35 wineries—buyers must purchase at least six bottles per selection—and perhaps more than 500 people. It’s “classy” attire too, so men are urged to wear sport coats and ladies to wear cocktail dresses.

More details are here, on the elements website.


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