2018 Debra Blush
2018 Debra Blush
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White Zin Saves Lives.  

You see, Zinfandel was first planted around the turn of the century, and the planting of Zin boomed soon after, becoming the most widespread variety in California.  These old Zin vines are treasured now, but for a long time after Prohibition, and the Great Depression, the fruit from these OG vineyards was used in the cheapest, lowest quality wines, and the demand was so low that many growers began tearing them out...

Until the 1970’s when an accidentally stuck fermentation (that thing when the yeast dies before all the sugar is converted to alcohol) was bottled sweet.  That sugary nectar became an instant hit with grocery store consumers, and the popularity of White Zin gave those old vineyards a new lease on life and a new home for the fruit.  White Zine still accounts for 10%! Of US wine sales.  

Debra is our homage to ‘White Zin’ - the most basic of blush for all you basic babies. Think ‘White Zin’, but dry and good. It’s named after Debra from the Beck song, who I imagine to be a big fan of the blush.  
Debra is light, refreshing, and crisp. We only bottled 5 barrels of this wine that smells and tastes like strawberries, watermelon rind, dust and tangerine.

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