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Discovery Tasting with Lepiane, Ettore Germano, and Potek Winery
Casual Walk Around Tasting

Discovery Tasting with Lepiane, Ettore Germano, and Potek Winery
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Please join us for a casual, fun walk-around tasting, starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday May 26th.

Our dear friend, and profound talent, Alison Thomson will be on hand with the debut of her new wine project - Lepiane.  Also on hand will be one of Alison's mentors - Sergio Germano from Ettore Germano in Serralunga d'Alba, Italy.

This will be an informal tasting running between 6 and 8 pm.  We will have 3 stations set up representing a couple wines each from Lepiane, Ettore Germano, and Potek.  You will have an opportunity to order these very rare wines from each of the visiting producers.


Lepiane Wines is a new wine label with a long history. Luigi A. Lepiane started Lepiane Wines in the 1930s in Hollister, California. Nearly 80 years later, Lepiane’s great-granddaughter Alison Thomson revived the label with the simple goal of crafting vibrant, exciting, balanced wines made by her own two hands. After spending time studying in Italy and UC Davis, then working for Ettore Germano in Serralunga d’Alba Italy, Alison dreamed of making Nebbiolo and Barbera in California. She now sources her fruit from unique vineyards and uses a minimalist approach to winemaking, balancing each varietal’s Old World personality with new world influence of Santa Barbara County. 


"Sergio Germano is typical of the new generation of producers in the Langhe; after completing six years of study at the school of Enology in Alba he made wine for a few years at Fontanafredda, one of the largest wineries in the area, before returning to the family winery in 1993.

My ideal producer in a traditional appellation such as Barolo has the modern, scientific understanding of winemaking that his forebears lacked, while still respecting the traditions that they developed. Sergio certainly has that new knowledge and is ready to use brand-new techniques such as micro-oxygenation and must-concentration if he thinks they will make better wine. He also has respect for the style of wine made by his father; hence his Serralunga Barolo will never be a creamy, international-style wine.

Great wine is always made in the vineyard. Sergio does much of the fieldwork himself, with the help of his wife Elena and one worker. His two 'crus,' Cerretta and Prapo, are both steep and perfectly exposed to the south.

Sergio Germano's Alta Langa sparkling wine, and almost all of his white grapes, come from plantings in an entirely separate area from the rest of his wines. Some years ago Sergio went looking for an area not too far from his vineyards in Barolo, but better suited to white and sparkling wines, and he found it just outside the village of Cigliè, at the south end of the Dogliani appellation. The vineyards here are at 500m or more above sea-level, steeply sloped, and consist of white limestoney clay with a lot of stones mixed in. He now has 10 acres of vineyards in Cigliè and is making vibrant and intriguing wines from grapes grown there (and carried back to Serralunga to be vinified, about 30 minutes away)."